Road Map


Things which we think to implement in the near (or further) future:

1.7 - 1.7.x 2013
  • Setting quota to folders (will be introduced in 1.7).

  • Introducing xattr - extended file attributes.

  • Modify trash can so that it has directory structure.

  • Support for POSIX lock.

  • Alternative mode of keeping data just for archiving purposes - keeping one copy and only adequate differences. So we would have the security of goal=4 by a disk usage of goal=2 now. Although this solution implies loss of possibility to modify such files and little decrease in reading speed. The solution would be similar to Double Parity RAID, but instead of:

    A1 A2 A3 Ap 1n
    B1 B2 B3 Bp 2n
    C1 C2 C3 Cp 3n

    we would introduce the model like:

    A1 A2 A3 Ap
    B1 B2 B3 Bp
    C1 C2 C3 Cp
    q1 q2 q3 qp

    where Ap-Cp are the same as in Double Parity RAID but q1 = A1 XOR B1 XOR C1, q2 = A2 XOR B2 XOR B3, etc. and qp = Ap XOR Bp XOR Cp = q1 XOR q2 XOR q3.

1.6.27 2013 Spring
  • Adding initial support for extra attributes (xattr), which will be introduced in upcoming version 1.7.

  • Better change log synchronization (storage in master memory and sending expected version in metalogger - inspired by Davies Liu).

  • Acceptable difference of percent of hdd usage added to configuration (up to this version this parameter was constantly set to 0.01% - patch contributed by Davies Liu).

  • Adding emergency store metadata to some other places on errors in standard store (inspired by Davies Liu).

  • Default space to be left (256MB) moved to config file (inspired by Davies Liu).

  • Adding extra limits in mfshdd.cfg (minimum space to be left, maximum space to be used).

  • Moving cfg files form PREFIX/etc/ to PREFIX/etc/mfs/.

  • Improving CGI handle (added support for custom http responses, such as "302 Found").

  • Showing disconnected chunkservers in "Servers" tab.

  • Adding option 'mfsdelayedinit' - for being run from fstab/init scripts.

1.6.26 2012 May
  • Adding goal and trashtime limits to mfsexport.cfg.

  • Adding simple check for downloaded metadata file (inspired by Davies Liu).

  • Better handling of disk full (inspired by Davies Liu).

  • Adding keeping previous copies of metadata (inspired by Davies Liu).

  • Introducing disk scanning in background.

1.6.25 2012 April
  • Adding 'sugidclearmode' and 'mkdircopysgid' compatibility options.

  • Improving chunk deletion algorithm (soft/hard limits per server).

  • Preparing MooseFS for new metadata file format, which will be introduced in upcomoing version 1.7.

  • Preaparing MooseFS for quota handling, which will be introduced in upcoming version 1.7.

1.6.24 2012 March
  • Increase maximum file size limit from 2TiB to 128PiB.

  • Speed up starting of CS by disabling checking of attributes of every chunk during initialization.

  • Addition of simple net topology support ("rack awareness").

  • The functionality that allows master server saves metadata file to alternative locations in case of an error (e.g. full disk error).

  • Addition of hidden files '.oplog' and '.ophistory' with detailed information about current/historical operations performed by mfsmount that will enable user to read pid/uid/gid and operation type on the file made by the client.

  • Password for mounting should be kept in mfsmount.cfg (instead of fstab, which was readable by everyone).

  • Introduction of symlink cache on client (mfsmount) side.

  • Resolution of problem with frequent connections to the master server so there will be no necessity of establishing new connection while creating many snapshots or using mfstools (proxy in mount for mfstools).


If you think of any new interesting feature please post it on our SourceForge Feature Request page.